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Horse Racing - Bet To Win Only
Betting Consistency
How To Bet The Favorite
Betting Favorites And False Favorites                
Betting The Beaten Favorite
Dropping In Class
Switching Back In Class
The Class Drop Down                                                             
Switching Distances
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Switching To Top Jockeys
Exiting A Key Race
Blinkers On Or Off
Using Lasix For The First Time
Betting Recently Claimed Horses
Horses Coming Off A Layoff
The Bouncing Horse
The Improving Horse - Early Speed
Race Shape Running Styles
1) Horse Racing - Bet To Win Only
It is beyond us why so many bettors allocate the majority of their capital on trifectas,
superfectas, exactas and such.
Whatever happened to the good old win bet?
It is so hard to find a winner in the first place, and you need to add insult to injury by
looking to find the place, the show and the fourth horse? Why? And after banging
your head against the wall, you finally come up with something "real good", that in no
way it can lose.
You're all set after you placed your bets in, and we're sure you spent a heck of a lot
more than two dollars, just to watch your fourth pick in the superfecta, win the race,
at 10/1, and the other top 3 picks complete the superfecta.
All this, because you placed your bets without taking insurance, by betting the other
longshot in the super, to win.
If you had a cold (straight) super, you lost.
Now if you thought highly enough of the horse that you placed in the fourth slot,
then you should have bet him to win.
When bettors look at a handicapper's report or a consensus, and they see the top 3
or 4 horses, immediately they assume that they will finish in that particular order.
They don't realize that any of the 3 or 4 choices can win the race, at long odds.
So it only makes sense when you have a cold superfecta, to have your 3rd. or 4th.
choice bet to win as well, especially (and really only especially), if it's at 7/1 or better.
Remember this and the next time you bet on exotics, bet to win as well.

2) Betting Racing Consistency
Bet a horse which was the betting favorite at least 3 or 4 times in his last 10 past
performance lines.
The favorite is noted with an asterisk (*) next to his odds. The horse had to have
finished in the money in at least 50% of his past 10 races, and win at least 3 out of
his last 10 races as well.
This angle is about consistency.
A horse that is good enough to come in the money at least 50% and win at least
30% out of his last 10 races, is a good, safe and consistent horse.
Even better if the horse runs around the same conditions and distance today, and did
not win or place in his last or last two races.
The betting public, will sometimes overlook this type of horse.
The odds might not be as high, but sometimes they are.
You can bet on this angle alone.

3) How To Bet The Favorite

4) Betting Favorites And False Favorites

5) Betting The Beaten Favorite

6) Horse Dropping In Class

7) Horse Switching Back In Class

8) The Class Drop Down

9) Horse Switching Distances

Rachel Alexandra winning the Mother Goose Belmont Park
Relaxing at the horse race track
My wife loves horse racing
Rachel Alexandra Mother Goose stakes after winning
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