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If too many picks in any a race, compared to field size, means it's a wide-open race
for anyone to grab for the win slot. Do not over-bet the race!
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We consider this sum as being practically free, compared to what others are
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Our picks are just as good as theirs and we give out plenty longshots, unlike them,
but percentage wise no one, but no one can top the 30% win mark in the long run,
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PS: You can't just buy a couple of days' worth of picks (the crappiest few days
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You should do at least 2 weeks to a month, and strictly adhere to our Exacta Gold
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It's not going to kill you.
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PHRP - Pro Horse Racing Picks



red numbers - super runners of a higher class (if they’re not moody today).           
blue shades - we like them better - pretty good standouts.
yellow shades - not too shabby - somewhat below the blue shades.
no shades - not our cup of tea - bet small or pass altogether.

Use the
reds & blues with the Exacta Gold strategy. Not practical for straight win/place
bets, unless you have a large bankroll, and can stomach losing streaks!
Read the “Priceless Secret” in the Exacta Gold and 3 eBook Combo Pack, if you really,
really want to make money (you can have a ton of winning tickets and still lose
Unbelievably simple secret, which we know you won’t apply, since it goes against the
grain (wonder why 98% of bettors are losers?).                                                    
Apply the “secret” and you’ll always be in the black in the long run - guaranteed (this is
not a joke or trick - it’s as real as we are)!  

If you’re in this sport for fun or think you know it all, then all this is irrelevant to you,
We wish you much luck, as you’ll really need it!

How to Bet our Blue Shaded Runners (blue/red picks) - the road to steady profits!  
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The following is mostly addressed to our newest fans                              

Just a reminder that our picks are just as good as the top handicappers’ in the
country, even better since we give you more longshots, and much, much lower prices
than theirs for our hand-picked selections (they charge $10-$20 per track for their
hand picks).
If you want worthless computerized picks, there are plenty of them out there for
$30-$50 a month for all available tracks.

Remember, the best handicappers, including us, cannot do better than a 30% win
clip, just as the favorites do (if anyone tells you otherwise - like having 100% win
rate), then you can kiss all your racing money goodbye.

But don’t take our word for it - try it for yourself and see what happens (we really
don’t wish this on you, but it’s human nature not to always listen to someone)!         

Good luck, if you plan on doing so!