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Our Top Exactas - we've stopped posting them since it's too time consuming,
as we still do it by hand instead of computerized results. However, we do keep
a "so far" weekly total, right below these real sample
Exacta Gold results!
$1,035.60 - $532.20 - $337.00 - $762.20 - $380.80 - $313.60 - $489 -
$313.20 - $853.40 - $1,093.60 - $399.80 - $933.00 - $336.50 - $547.20 -
$315.80 - $363.00 -$392.20  

Exacta Gold: 2 Weeks Ago: $3,162 Last Week: $7,985      
Exacta Gold total $ results this week so far: $447
(Here we include all Exacta Gold exactas in the total. Don't forget the
nice exactas from our regular picks, which are not included in this total)!
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Pro Horse Racing Picks Best Bets Trainer Angles Handicapping
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We are located in Queens, NY - 15 minutes away from
Aqueduct & Belmont Park. NYRA circuit: AQU-BEL-SAR.
The tracks we handicap this season:
Aqueduct, Gulfstream, Fair Grounds, Oaklawn, Tampa
Bay and Santa Anita.

Fri. & Sat. 5/4-5/2018 Churchill Downs - CD
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Best Bets, trainer/maiden angles, class,
speed, form, pace and other factors go into
We d
o the handicapping - you do the betting!
We do have the lowest horse racing reports
prices online - trust us

Exacta results using "EXACTA GOLD" eBook
(which is part of the 3 eBook Pack - $7.95):

12/6 TAM 7 - $1,035.60
12/6 GP 6 & 10 - $532.20 & $337.00
12/2 FG 6 - $762.20
12/1 AQU 1 - $376.50
11/26 CD 5 - $380.80
    GPW 5 -$313.60
11/25 AQU 10 - $489.00
    GPW 3 - $313.20
11/17 DMR 8 - $853.40
11/16 CD 10 -
11/11 DMR 8 - $399.80
11/5  AQU 4 - $933.00
11/4  AQU 9 - $363.00
    DMR 4 - $392.20
10/27 BEL 9 - $336.50
10/26 GPW 8 - $547.20

(We've stopped posting results - see the
page to your left for a weekly running $ total
of results)!
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Belmont Park horse race track
Belmont Stakes day horse racing
In the paddock at Belmont Park
Jerry Bailey commentator
Triple Crown Belmont Stakes racing down the stretch
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